RDA NSW State Dressage Competition 2019

The NSW State RDA Dressage Championships were held on August 9-11 at the beautiful Sydney International Equestrian Centre (SIEC) at Horsley Park.

Richmond RDA was represented by four riders: Michelle, Fiona, Bianca and one of our coaches, Tanya. All riders came home with ribbons from their tests and had the incredible experience of competing in the magnificent indoor arena.

Michelle and Bianca rode the Centre’s bay gelding Burger, whilst Tanya very generously allowed Fiona to use her horse Randalstown as well.

There were two Sections as part of the competition with Section C for riders competing in two or more tests and Section D for riders competing in only one test.


  • Michelle on Burger - first place in Section D Grade 1, 1.2 test.

  • Fiona on Randalstown - 3rd in Section C Grade 1, 1.1 test, 3rd in Grade 1, 1.2 test and 3rd in the Grade 1 Freestyle.

  • Bianca on Burger - 4th in Section C Grade 1, 1.1 test and 4th in Grade 1, 1.2 test.

  • Tanya on Randalstown - 5th in Section C Grade 3, 3.1 test and 4th in Grade 3, 3.2 test.

Bianca was also awarded the Jan Geary Encouragement Award and the Richmond/Raymond Terrace team placed fifth overall in the teams competition.

Congratulations to all riders, helpers, volunteers, parents and friends who helped to make this events so special.

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