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Feb 16 Working Bee

Working Bee 16 Feb 14 (1).jpg
Sunday the 16th saw the heavens open bringing torrential rain pushing us to indoor activities for our first official working bee. Unperturbed by the weather we spent the time sorting through sheds and setting up a feed and tack room. Reward for our hard work in the morning led us to enjoy some horse playtime in the afternoon trialling out the first recruits for our riding program.

Three steeds were trialled, all of which show great promise as school horses.

Every Sunday from 2pm we are opening our gates for our Volunteer Social Club. Everyone is welcome to join us for an afternoon of horsey fun, come and be trained as a coach or volunteer, participate in horse activities or simply lend a hand. Come for an hour or stay for the whole afternoon, we’re a friendly bunch and we’d love to meet you!


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